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Thunderbird Ranch Mission Statement & Business Policies

Manuals, Literature and Accessories

Convertible Relay Replacement/Upgrade System (NEW)

Wiring & Vacuum Diagrams & Trouble Shooting Guides

Parts List of Cataloged Items as of 1/17/98(CHECK THIS OUT)

Decals for Paint Repair on Hubcaps, Tail Light Plates, Qtr. Emblems

Steering Wheel Repair and new stripe decals for 64-66

3-D Oak Wooden Thunderbird Plaques

Turbo Coupe Special Items

Fascinating Faces (they tell a bird's life story)

Originality Specifications for 1958 - 1960

Originality Specifications for 1961 - 1963

Originality Specifications for 1964 - 1966

Originality Specifications for 1967 - 1969

Originality Specifications for 1970 - 1971

Dipstick Identification and Specs

Hubcap Pictures for Identification Purposes

F.A.S.T. (Federation of Activists to Save the Thunderbird)

TSB766 (64-66 convertible upper back panel limit switch adjustment)

Technical Tips & Trans Tips

Plastic Armrest Repair for 1967-1976

Vacuum Diagram for Air Conditioning/Heater on 64-66 Birds

My Special List of Vendors, Suppliers and Service People

Dreamin' on a Winters Day (a cloudy idea of customs)

"The Blackbird" (the first of a pair of custom Birds)---Awesome!!

Custom Squarebird ----the best squarebird custom I have ever seen


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Barndweller Page (about the owner of "Thunderbird Ranch")

Links to Other Thunderbird Related Sites

A Special Artistic Treat

Intarsia (Wood Mosaics) by my Wife, Sue Draxler

Thunderbird Mail List

If you really love Thunderbirds and want to keep up on much of what is going on in the world of Thunderbird Ownership, you simply must subscribe to one of the "Mail Lists" that Jerry Wotel has available on the net. There are three different ones depending on what years of cars you are interested in. I subscribe to all three and contribute regularly to the technical side of things. To subscribe to any or all of these mail lists go her and fill out the form
and subscribe to the Classic mail list for the '55 thru '57 birds
the Vintage mail list for the '58 thru '66 birds
or the Special Interest mail list for the '67 and newer birds.

You will enjoy this! ! !