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Dipstick Identification and Specifications

Regarding the handle type "old" refers to the style where the handle is made of flat steel just like the dipstick. The "new" style is the type that has a round tubular handle. The cup is also different on each therefore the measurement is taken from the top of the cup where it would seat down onto the dipstick tube in the engine.
year descrtiption handle
1958 w/o air old 20"
1962 w/o air old 27 1/4"
1964 w/o air old 27 3/8"
1965 w/o air new 23"
1966 Calif car
w/o air
new 23 3/4"
1967 428 eng new 19 1/4"
1971 429 w/air new 18"

I am looking for all the informtion on this subject that I can find to share with the rest of the T-bird enthusiasts. If you would do me a favor and measure your Thunderbird's dipsticks and submit the info it will help me verify what was used where.

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1958 HT 352 engine and cruise-o-matic tranny;

Engine oil dipstick: 20" to the stop, full mark 3 5/8" from bottom, and the add mark is 2 7/16" from the bottom (same as Ronald's measurements).

Tranny dipstick: 22 5/8" to the stop, low mark 17/32" from bottom, and the full mark is 2 1/32" from the bottom

60 HT with 352 and cruise-o-matic: engine dipstick 20" to the stop, full mark 3 5/8", add 2 7/16" from bottom.

trans dipstick 22 5/8" to the stop, full mark 2 1/16", low 9/16" from bottom.

1962 (December 18, 1961 manufacture date)

Oil Dipstick is 27.25 inches from tip to stop. The Full mark is 3-1/8 inches from the tip and Add mark is 1-3/8 inches from the tip. On the handle about 1 inch above the stop is a capital "E" in a circle. The Fomoco script is on the handle about 1-5/8 inches above the stop.

Trans Dipstick is 20 inches from tip to stop. The Full mark is about 1.5 inches from the tip, the Low mark is about 1-1/8 inches from the tip. There is a capital "W" on the stick about 15 inches from the tip (about 5 inches below the stop).


Transmission dipstick measures 20 1/4" from tip to stop. full mark is 1 1/4" and half mark is 1/2" (approx.).

Ford had a better Idea and put the same stick in for all three years from 1977-79.
All engines 302-351W-351M400 oil dip is 21 inches long with the safe level marks at 1 and13/16ths to 2 and 3/8ths from the tip. Part number isD60E-6750-AA.

As far as the trans it is also the same for all three years and both trans FMX and I believe it to be a C4 or 6 that bolts up to the 351M400 only.The FMX was the standard trans for all other engines and years 77-79. It is 22 1/2 inches long with safty levels at 2 and 1/4 to 2 and 7/8ths from the tip. The part number is D70P-&A020

64 with air, old flat style, is 27 7/16" measured as your diagram shows.

Happy to add to your chart. Your web page is super. Enjoyed it all.

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