Thunderbird Ranch Mission Statement

¥ To provide the best technical advice possible (affordably) to all Thunderbird enthusiasts of years I am familiar with.

¥ To provide used parts availability for 1958 and up through whatever years I can afford to purchase the parts cars for.

¥ To provice New Old Stock parts at reasonable prices whenever I can purchase them at a price reasonable enough to pass them on and make a small profit in order to cover my business costs.

¥ To provide quality Replacement and Reproduction parts at reasonable prices for 1958 and up Thunderbirds.

¥ To provide Free Technical Material in the form of Webpage content that will be useful to the Thunderbird enthusiasts.

Thunderbird Ranch Business Philosophy


I was raised in an auto repair garage from five years old on. I was not given a choice of whether or not I would learn. And learn I did. I learned Dad's business. And I learned Dad's business philosophy.

The most important thing in Dad's business was a Satisfied Customer. Everything else was secondary including the payment.

I have adopted that same philosophy. Satisfied Customers come before profit. I do not expect to make a profit unless I satisfy my customers. I will do whatever I can to help the Thunderbird Enthusiast with parts, service, and technical expertise. I will constantly try to provide all this at the lowest cost possible. I do have to remind myself though that I need to make a profit if I am to continue doing this. The banks and my suppliers won't let me work for free.

Ordering and Payment information

You can order from Thunderbird Ranch in many convenient ways.

You can email me the order.

If you prefer to clarify things over the phone you can call me anytime during the hours of 9 am to 8 pm Central Time. I teach shop classes at a small Catholic High School from noon till 3 and eat supper from 5-6 so you will not get an answer during those hours, leave a message. Please keep this in mind as my business phone also rings in the house and I need to spend family time also. 715-884-6546

You can also fax me at 715-884-6720. This comes in on my computer so if you get a busy signal try again later as the computer may be connected to the Internet at that time.

Payment can be made any way that is convenient for you.

I can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

I also now accept payment

I also accept cash, checks, money orders and sometimes trades for something I can use.

Even if you do not have a credit card I will ship the order when you place the check in the mail. I know God made us all honest and I make it a point to give everyone a chance to prove it. You put the check in the mail and I ship the parts. This will apply to orders for in stock items and orders under $100.00.

I ask you to be reasonable with me on my policy. It is not so that people can take advantage of me. It is so that I can serve the enthusiasts as best I can. If only a few people mess it up, I won't be in business very long so then everyone loses.

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