Originality Specifications

1967 through 1969 Thunderbird

The following is an attempt to get some of the basic information regarding originality for Thunderbirds into the hands of all who want it and to do it for free.

If there is information you wish me to put here or if you find mistakes I should correct, please email me Here.

1968-9 OEM 429 Thunderjet "Originality" Specs

John, I got these from an old Ford dealer detail manual that I picked up at a local flea market. It had a whole, detailed explanation of the "new for '68" 429/460 engines. The later blocks were painted regular Ford Blue, but it doesn't give a specific year. I'm still looking into it and see what I can find out, but it may be tough.

Block, heads, front cover, intake, oil pan: Ford Dark Blue

Exhaust Manifolds: cast, un-finned.

Master Cylinder: natural cast, w/ natural aluminum "double-hump" cover

Water pump: Blue as the engine is

Air Cleaner: Ford Dark Blue (NOTE: 1/2 arc "429 Thunderjet" foil decal (have pic), the earliest air cleaners had 2 snouts, all have one breather bung)
"429 Thunderjet" decal, I've actually seen two versions of this, one as described on your page and another that says "429 Thunderjet - 4V".

Carb pre-heater: Ford Dark Blue (on pass. side snout only, none on driver's side)

Valve Covers: Ford Dark Blue, "Power by Ford" raised script w/ plug wire divider tabs.

Oil fill cap: Black or chromed caninster breather w/ bung to air cleaner.

PS unit, A/C compressor & brackets, & idler: Black (NOTE: 1968-9 460's had crankshaft mounted PS pumps and remote reservoirs (have pic, also)).

Tranny & bellhousing: cast, not-painted

radiator: black ,(w/ AC) 2 1/2" radiator (w/o AC) 1 1/2" radiator

68 2dr, no a/c, March '68 production date has a 5 blade flex fan.  The Shop Manual also shows flex fans for both non-a/c and a/c applications on the 429

Fan blade: (w/ AC) black, 5-blade & spacer (w/o AC) black, 7-blade & clutch (not sure what years this is all for)

Engine compt. sidewalls: black

Firewall: black

Heater core/blower housing: Natural dark gray fiberglass colorl, not painted

Hood hinges/springs: (originally dark gray oxide coating) lt. grey primer Brake booster: lt. grey primer

Alternator: natural

Alternator brackets: Ford dark blue

Pulleys: (exc. alterntor) black, (alternator) zinc-plate

Differential: black housing with red oxide carrier assy.

William Ora Mullen (BSCS/MSEE, CNE, COE, MCSE), has provided much of the above and I have added and modified some of it with the input from many of the visitors who have researched certain items.

Bucket seats vs Bench seats

I may be able to clarify the body code a little. In 1967, all Thunderbirds, both 2 and 4 door models, came with bucket seats as the only seating configuration. In 1968, bench seats became standard on everything and the bucket seats became options. This required new codes for the bench seats. For 1968, the 65A denotes a two door hardtop (painted roof) with bucket seats, 65C is a two door hardtop with bench seats. Similar codes exist for the Tudor Landau and Fordor Landau.


A right hand mirror on these cars from the factory was a extremely rare option. That makes finding a used one in any condition even rarer. A few have turned up over the years on Ebay etc. I have seen NOS ones go as high as $500.00 to $700.00.
There is an alternative that many owners have turned to.

here is part of a conversation about what people are using for this
the mirror is part # 49-6545 and is from a company called LMC Truck

Look for P/N 49-6545 in their 1980-1996 ford truck catalog. Should be on page 81. Another member here (Andy) although he doesn't post anymore put the same mirror on his '69 Tudor.

Look at my pictures on the Glamorbird photo page (mikes pictures). Let me know what you think of it. Mirror's been on the car since October/November 2008.

Mike B


For you who think I am the expert I want to warn you that I do not know everything about these cars. I am only posting what has already been determined by a large group of Thunderbird Enthusiast to be as close to original as we know it. Each club has different rules that they judge cars by at the shows and if you are competing in a show or intend to I highly recommend that you contact the club and get a copy of their judging rules so as to be able to know what you should do to be competitive in their event.

I also feel it is the clubs duty to provide these guidlines for its members so as to hold a fair judging for all participants. This has been my stand on this issue for many years and I feel it is one of the weakest areas of all the clubs for the '58 and up Thunderbirds.

To improve this situation I urge each of you to contact your clug hierarchy and bug them to increase their efforts in this area. As members and car owners the main thing we want in a club is information flow. Become active and get the info flowing.

That is what this website is all about. Please excuse any mistakes and help make the improvements with me.

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