Convertible Relay Replacement System for Thunderbird


also available for Lincolns - click here

An all new electronic replacement relay system for 1960 to 1966 t-bird convertibles that fits in the exact location of the original mechanical relays. This system comes with easy to follow installation instructions, approx. 3 hours to complete. The addition of this system will give you trouble free top operation providing your limit switches are in good operation and set to factory specs.

System Features:

1) Eight identical dust proof electronic relays with manual over-ride buttons on each one

2) Contains two heavy duty solonoids which operate the pump

3) Includes a more positive ground system

4) Comes with an emergency deck unlock switch

5) Every system is marked clearly to the color code of the vehicle

6) I Warranty all components on this system........ you have a problem, I will take care of you no matter how long you have it.

Additional Information:

1) additional relays cost $20.00 US each

2) No loose or worn connectors to arc, everything is hard wired to mounting bracket

3) Relays activate two solonoid relays which activate the convertible pump. This is a big load off of the normal relay contacts plus the solonoid relays handle the current better sending full current to the pump for better operation.

4) manual over-ride buttons on top of each relay allow you to operate any function of your top, deck and tray from the trunk of your vehicle

5) No more problems due to faulty connectors and corroded relays

6) Easy step by step installation instructions

7) Technical assistance is available from Thunderbird Ranch during all normal business hours. Information is provided in the Installation package on this also.

Note: The installation of this system may be classed as an upgrade and may not be subject to a points deduction depending on the rules and regs of the event.

This system is now available from Thunderbird Ranch

Price is $650.00

Shipping will depend upon location. You have choice of Fed Ex, UPS or Postal service

contact me with your location to get shipping costs. Systems are in stock and ready to ship.

Payment can be by credit card or check or money order.

Email me for questions at

I do have 3 guys that are now AUTHORIZED INSTALLERS

Steve Longaker........2565 New College Way, Cumming, GA 30041......

Phillip Blaisdell .........1673 Mary Dr., Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 ..............

Larry Nichols..........Mesa, Arizona........ 480-340-3104.........

Testimonials on this system

Just wanted to drop a note to commend you on your recomendation of the relay system. I recently installed one in a '64. The installation was simple and straight forward and the quality was good. When I started nothing was functional on the existing system. When I was finished in about 2 hours I was able to test all of the individual functions by simply pusing the button on top of the relay. It is a simple way to adjust the limit switch on the flap. I now have 2 more systems to complete on two '65 convertibles I have left.
Dick S.

This is what the conversion kit consists of. From top to bottom 1964-66, 61-63, 1960

Here it is installed in a 64-66 Thunderbird

This is a close up view of the relays with the trip buttons on top of each one

Here you can see the connection strip. Makes it extremely simple and reliable.

If you would like more information on this system feel free to contact me. I also have more photos if you need to see some specifics.

what customers are saying about this system:

You'd be better off buying that thing from Drax.  Even at $650.00 it would be
cheaper in the long run.

Suggest you contact Mr Draxler @ T-Bird Ranch. Replace the whole mess of
relays with new tech assembly. Fixing these relays can be a nightmare.

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