Barndweller: J. R. Draxler

Welcome to my personal web space. I am fairly new to this Web Page creation so it is a place where I will be experimenting with the stuff that the books are written about.

My Background

I was born in a small town in Central Wisonsin and after some obligatory travel demanded by Uncle Sam to an exotic foreign land on the other side of the world, I settled here and have been here ever since. My Father started an Auto repair business after his return from WWII and I was nearly born in that life. So it is no wonder that much of my life's activities have to do with cars. That interest has put me in a unique business dealing with Thunderbirds. I was taught to be a do-it-yourselfer at a very early age because money was always a short comodity and that trait has given me and my family our unique Home..We're "Barndwellers"

My Interests

This could be a list as big as the World Wide Web but we'll keep it down to the ones that I find time for in my present life. I am a Thunderbird car fanatic and have been since about 1964. You can read this chapter of my life by clicking on the word Thunderbird. I am also a Vietnam Veteran and I have added a page with information that may interest others looking for answers. And of course what I am doing now is playing on the computer so it is a bit obvious that there is an interest in the technology world. The Macintosh computers have helped me in my life since they were put on the market so I have adopted some old ones and you can see what part they play in myl life. I have an interesting twist to most of my hobbies as you will see when you read about them. There is a page dedicated to My Wife, Sue, who is also very wonderful at what she does. We make a real unique couple.

Quicklinks to my other Pages

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