Links to Other Thunderbird Related Sites for your Enjoyment

1955 thru 1957 Links

YBlock Ford Engine Site
CASCO , 55-57 Parts Supplier , very good

1958 thru 1966 Links

The T-bird Connection (Steve Town--Canada)

John Bowmans 1965 Thunderbird Pages

64-66 Thunderbirds page (Eric Greco)
Tom Maruska's "TPLS 63" pages
Harris's 1963 Thunderbird Pages "excellent tech pages also"
Jonathan Cunningham's 1963 T-bird pages
Frank's 1961 Thunderbird and other cars
Bob's 1959 Thunderbird Convert
The Squarebird Website
A nice Thunderbird Roadster Story

Thunderbird Court
Doug's Thunderbird City - 55-66 birds

1967 thru 1979 Links
Don Holton's 77 and up pages
William O. Mullen's 1968 T-bird pages
Rob's '72 Thunderbird
Tim Roosen's '68 Bird in Belguim

1980 thru Present Links

Super Coupe Site
Turbo Coupe site covering '83 and up Thunderbirds
Bowen's Birds----------- 83-88 Birds

Thunderbird Turbocoupe Web Site - TTWS

North American Turbocoupe Org. -- NATO

Stephen Bozzi's '87 Turbo Coupe ----- AWESOME

Thunderbird Club Links

Vintage Thunderbird Club International --- VTCI

International Thunderbird Club-----ITC

Classic Thunderbird Club of Wisconsin -- all years

Chicagoland Thunderbird Club--nice site, check it out
"Sounds of Thunder" magazine (Australia Thunderbirds)

Northern California Vintage Thunderbird Club

Midwest Thunderbird Club (MN)

Calgary Thunderbird Club (Canada)

North American Turbocoupe Org. -- NATO

Sport Roadster Society

Vendors of all types

Rob Duddy's Vintage T-Bird Parts Page
Classic Sheetmetal, Inc.----body repair panel manufacturer
Bob's Bird House
Thom Petersen-automobile fine artist
Moyer's Fuel Tank Renu
Dale Wilch's RPM Catalog (used race car and hot rod stuff)
also a great online catalog for lots of other car stuff
Original Automobile Literature....

Register your Thunderbirds Serial Number and Data plate information
Ian's Thunderbird Pages (all years--nice)
Ryan J. Geyer's T-bird pages
Bob Claborne's bird site
Jeff Truesdell's Thunderbird page
Freddy's Thunderbird Page--Sweden

Other Automotive Related Links

Nada Price Guides A place to look up values of cars


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