Repair Decals
for Emblems, Hubcaps,
Seatbacks & Interior trim

********** Brand New *********

Woodgrain Vinyl to restore the Walnut finish to the 63 thru 65 interior trim panels

This stuff is superb. It matches to a "T"! It even has the textured grain lines like the orig. It is easy to apply (however to do it right you will need to remove the alum panel from the door panel and strip off the old finish and this is the tedious part. I will not dis-illusion you--this project is time consuming, not a quick fix. If you want to you can just sand down the old finish to smooth it out and then apply the new stuff over it and trim the edges right on the door panel but the job will not be the same.)

You can purchase just the pieces you want:
2 door panels $30.00
2 rear interior trim panels $15.00
dash and console $38.00

dash and console for 1963 is $60.00

shipping extra

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Brushed Aluminum Vinyl for on the dash, console and the seat back inserts for the 64-66 bucket seats

This material is as close to the original as is on the market. It does not have the texture like the original however it will give you a nice reconditioned look to those scratched up panels you now have. It is easy to apply. You need to clean the surface well, apply the vinyl overlay, carefully squeegying it down as you go to work out the air bubbles, then trim the edges with a razor knife. It does not show up well in this photo due to the glare but it does have the brushed aluminum look and it is coated with a clear finish on top of that to protect the brushed aluminum part of it.

You can purchase just the pieces you want:
2 seat back insert panels $10.00
dash and console $28.00

shipping extra

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'58 Door Emblem Black Inserts - - - and also '63 Door emblem black inserts

These are pre cut pieces of semi gloss black vinyl that you paste into the areas that are supposed to be painted on these emblems. For the '58 emblem they are cut to the correct width and a bit extra long so you can wrap them around and paste them onto the back side on each end. The ones for the '63 emblem are precut exactly to the shape to fit each area that was originally black. There is one that is a bit different than the other 4 as it is the end one and has longer tips on it. They are easy to align and to apply.

Price for a set to do all the emblems on one car is $15.00 plus postage.

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Tail Light plate paint decals for Squarebirds

These are just like the decals for the hubcaps that are advertised below. They are made from semi gloss black high performance vinyl and are all pre cut. The shapes will have to be trimmed if there is a partial space available on the plates. Otherwise the sizes are correct and it makes the job much easier than painting. One thing I have noticed is that you can cover up a fair amount of imperfections in the chrome on these plates and really improve the looks of some "not so nice" plates.

They are available for the 1958, 1959 and the 1960---------Please state which year you need when ordering.

They are $25.00 per set which includes enough to do a pair of plates. Postage is $4.00 per set.

---------------------------------------------- Testimonial-----------

Hi John!

Yesterday afternoon, I started the striping job on the taillight section of my '59 Tbird. I found it went better if I unscrewed the lenses and got them out of the way. It took me about 4-5 hours yesterday to do the left side,
and about the same time today to do the right side. I sat in a chair in the shade, in good weather and did it. The striping kit worked well, and I have
some left over.

Here are some before and after pictures I took of the work. The tail end was
not to bad, but you could see places where the black paint had been
scratched off or wore off due to age. It looks like a new rear end now.

Here are the pix! Thanks for making this product available!

Best Regards,

Ray Clark
'59 Tbird "Yellow Rose Of Texas"

Decal Stripes to re-do the black areas in the 1962 rear quarter panel emblems

These are precut dull black vinyl stripes of the correct width for these emblems. They are cut a bit longer than necessary to permit you to trim them once you have them in place. That way you can get a perfect fit. They are easily applied to good clean emblems and really improve the looks. They can be applied to the emblems even on the car so you don't need to disturb them.

Cost is $15.00 for enough to do one car. I pay postage.

Order by email

1960 Quarter Panel Emblem black stripe insert

These are the same as above. Enough for a whole car.

Price is also $15.00 and I will pay postage.

email for information Order by email

Thunderbird Hubcap Paint "Decal Blocks"

Do you need to re-do the paint on your Hubcaps? Then here is the way to do it. No more messing with masking tape or paint brushes or sprays. Just peel and paste these high performance vinyl "blocks" from the sheet with a tweezer, align on proper space and paste them down. They will withstand more abuse than the paint ever did. The hubcaps are stainless steel and paint does not like to adhere to stainless. These decals love it.


-----Here is what one customer had to say about this product...........................

I want to THANK everyone who wrote with suggestions to my question about re-finishing my 57 stock hubcaps. Every time I decided to start on the project I kept thinking "they'res got to be an EASY way!". I got some great advice and--since some of the advice came to me personally instead of via the Digest--I thought I'd pass two of the best alternatives on to everyone in case someone else is having this problem.

1. The THUNDERBIRD RANCH (<> which apparently is USUALLY FOR 1958+ BIRDS, has vinyl decals for the 57 caps. They stick to the stainless steel better than paint and should go on very quickly compared to painting. The company says they are much more durable than paint over stainless steel. The prices I got were:

Black "turbine-look spokes" for 4 hubcaps-- $35.00
White circles for 4 hubcaps--                         10.00
S & H-- 3.00

2. If you don't want to pay for decals, you can save money but do it the hard way by re-painting. There are detailed instructions for this as well as some other Little Bird hints at <> . The author says the re-painting took him about 2 hours per hubcap, but it was cheaper.

Hope these two ideas are helpful. I'm going the decal route.


They are $35.00 per set for 4 caps with a few extras to practice with. Postage is $4.00.

I also have the black circles for the 1963 hubcap centers, these are $10.00 extra

Also on the 1957 hubcaps, the white circles in the center are $10.00 extra

I have the small stripes for the center cone on the 65 standard caps and these are $10.00 extra

Order by email

Custom Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals for application on any smooth surface. I have available all the different logos that Thunderbird used over the years and in any color and size you my want. The smallest is about 6" wide and the largest I have done was 8' (yes eight feet) long. They are wonderful for on signs and display boards used at car shows. One fella had a couple made for the correct years of his cars and pasted them on the garage doors where he put each of his cars. Another customer had me make them for his trailer that he hauled his cars in. They also look good in the back window of you pick up truck. Here are a few samples of the styles available.

These decals are computer cut from High Performance vinyl just as is used to do the lettering and logos on most trucks and signs now days. They adhere well to any clean smooth surface and are easy to apply yourself. They are terrific for signs and for on your car trailers. Some people put them on their garage doors where they park their Thunderbirds, some on the tool boxes, some on the windows of their cars. The ideas are limitless. They will adhere nicely to plastic and vinyl banners if you are having an event and want to jazz up that banner that you will hang out for all to see.

Prices vary with size. Here are some guidelines for costs:

Thunderbird Ranch
7158 Highway B
Pittsville, Wisconsin 54466

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