The newly-formed Federation of Activists to Save the Thunderbird (F.A.S.T.) is dedicated to preserving this well-loved species which has just been placed on the endangered list. With your help, together we can go far toward preserving this marvelous bird.

What is a Thunderbird?

In case you were born yesterday, a Thunderbird is a two-ton (more or less) species which inhabits all of the USA and Canada. Thunderbirds have also migrated to other countries, and are considered highly desirable the world over. Thunderbirds typically travel at speeds up to 70-80 mph, however when the urge hits they can fly much faster. Thunderbirds have ruled American highways for over 40 years, and the most mature ones are indeed the most highly prized.

Why Endangered?

Unfortunately, Thunderbirds are unable to reproduce. Their life cycle depends upon owners to take care of them, feed them properly, and keep them in perfect health. If cared for properly, a Thunderbird will live long enough to be handed down for generations to come.

Together we can save this glorious bird, but your help is badly needed!

    1. Join F.A.S.T. All you have to do is claim you belong to F.A.S.T., and you're a member.
    2. Adopt a Thunderbird. For a contribution of only a few thousand dollars you can have a Thunderbird of your very own. Sure, the price is high, but the rewards are well worth it. Ask anyone who has adopted one, in fact many folks have adopted several.
    3. Purchase a F.A.S.T. T-shirt. Do the following: Print the letters F-A-S-T in large print on your laser printer. Take this and a photo of your Thunderbird to your nearest custom T-shirt store, and have one made. Send no money to F.A.S.T.
    4. WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN. Tell him about the endangered Thunderbird, and F.A.S.T. You never know; you might receive a government grant to help you preserve your Thunderbird. Wouldn't that be great?
    5. Print this thing out and hang it on your refrigerator door. Every day you'll be reminded of your duty to help preserve Thunderbirds.

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