Upper Back Panel Limit Switch

Replacement System

1964-1966 Thunderbirds

Also available for Lincoln Convertables .... click here

This system replaces the infamous "Rotary Switch" located on the flipper arm on these cars. This rotary switch is notorious for being out of adjustment. They are no longer being manufactured and the supply is about dried up.

This replacement is made with state of the art switches mounted on aluminum brackets with stainless steel screws. It is extremely well engineered to be easy to install and adjust and also to be trouble free for years to come.

To install it all you have to do is to remove the two bolts on the side of the hinge and bolt on the switch plate. The actuator plate is installed onto the arm with a couple setscrews. They all you do is unplug the rotary switch and plug in the wires for the new unit. You can even let the old rotary switch in place for looks. You will then have to adjust the new switches acording to the instructions which are very simple and straight forward.

You could recover about half your investment for this unit by selling your old rotary switch if you would want to.

The following photos show the unit as it ships and also on a hinge assy.

For ordering info see bottom of page.

As always, free technical help is available by calling or emailing me on this or any other Thunderbird topic.

This is what you get when you purchase this conversion

This is what it looks like installed and with the tray folded

And here it is with the tray extended


Product note:

This new system is very precise however it does comensate for some wear in th gearbox on your flip lid. If you have a fair amount of wear in this gearbox you should replace the gears and /or the housing also to ensure that everything functions properly. These sysetems have been installed on numerous cars now with excellent results so feel confident that it is a quality product and should eliminate most all your rotary switch woes.

Here is just one of the testimonials I recived back on this item:

Hi John,
I got the new upper back panel switch,and Installed it just as the
instructions said.  It was very easy to install (just remove two bolts and
put the same bolts back in) and very easy to adjust.  It is easy to see that
there will be no more slipping out of adjustment like the old switch.  It
plugged up to the old wiring very nicely.  The whole installation job took
less than one hour. I just wanted you to know that all went well.  Thanks



ok, I've just finished installing my new flip lid limit switch I bought from
mr. draxler at thunderbird ranch.....all and I do mean all... my problems
with the convertible top on my 64 have disappeared.......it works everytime I
hit the switch..... which is something I have never been able to say since I
bought the car........my conclusion????? anyone who keeps their old rotary
one and doesnt replace it is a masochist......lol....... there seems to no
longer be any reason to suffer.......now about that cvr and headlight
flare?????? thats another story..... Bob

This system is available from Thunderbird Ranch

Price for the system is $325.00 (suggested retail is $350.00) plus shipping

Shipping will depend upon location. You have choice of Fed Ex, UPS or Postal service

contact me with your location to get shipping costs. Systems are in stock and ready to ship.

Payment can be by credit card or check or money order. Paypal is also now accepted.

Email me for questions or ordering at jdrax@tbirdranch.com

or you can phone me at 715-884-6546

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