DescriptionYearPricePart #
Channel liner, mohair, (per ft.)
Duct hose, rear vent, new pr.64-66$60.00
Splash shield for fr. inner fndr., rubber, new (pr)67 or 68$50.00
Weatherstrip blocks on flipper lid, conv
Antenna gasket, trunk 196060$5.95
Cowl to hood62$5.00
Drain, door bottom each
2.7520700 b
Drain, rocker panel , new61-66$3.0010358 c
Seal, conv. front header58-60$18.00
Seal, gas fill tube to trunk floor NOS65-66$8.00
Weatherstrip blocks, qtr. window on door jamb (pr)67-69 4dr$8.00 ea
Weatherstrip package tray to body
Weatherstrip, qtr window upright, new pair58-6024.95
Dust shield, front susp. rubber NEW pair68-69$50.00
Seal, front header, conv61-66$39.95
Weatherstrip, conv. front header & side64-66$200.00
Weatherstrip, door (used) LEFT FRONT 69 4 dr.$25.00
Weatherstrip, door (used) Rt. front, 68 4 dr.$25.00
Weatherstrip, door (used) Rt. rear, 68 4 dr.$25.00
Weatherstrip, door RH, 2dr., nice used69-71$35.00
Weatherstrip, qtr window upright, new pair64-66$19.95c4sz 6330146/7 d
Weatherstrip, qtr. window upright, RH 61-6329.9530146/7 C
Weatherstrip, qtr. windw upright, NEW pair61-63$25.00
Weatherstrip, trunk coupe58-63$19.95c0amb 6443720 c
Weatherstrip, vent wndw, back edge,pr58-60$15.00
Weatherstrip, w/shield pillar, pair58-60$17.95
Weatherstrip, windshield, new64-66$69.95
Weatherstrip, door RH, used77-7940
Body to bumper seal58-60$24.00
Weatherstrip, roof rail, LH, used77-7945
Dust shield, front susp. rubber NEW 68-69$25.00 / one
Quarter Post Seal, pair58-6018b8s 6328306-ar
Weatherstrip, trunk, used198545
Dust strip, rear bumper to trunk64-6619.95
Quarter Post Seal, pair61-6318c2sz 6328306/7-a
Weatherstrip, cowl, used674
Accelerator pedal seal (grommet)61-665c1aa 9793a
Weatherstrip, trunk coupe70-76$19.95doaz 6243720 a
dust seal rear edge of trunk, new64-6619.95
door handle gaskets outside, new58-607.95b 22428/9 a
Hose, blower motor 90 new61-663.95
Hose, blower motor double 90 new61-666.95
Windshield Pillar post seals, convert pair61-6349.95
Weatherstrip, door 4 dr , used RF6925
Air inlet boot, seal ,new (rh vent)61-6639.9544
Top Arm Padsl, conv. new pair64-6660
Fender skirt seals, pair58-6016
Fender skirt seals, pair61-6316
Weatherstrip, door, new per pair66$75.00C6Sz 6320530/1-a
Hose, rear vent drain, trunk, new pr.64-6660
Weatherstrip, roof rail, T-landau new pr6690c6sz-6351222/3 b
Weatherstrip, Door (2dr) RH NOS68-7185dosz 6520530 a
Weatherstrip, Door (2dr) LH NOS68-7185dosz 6520531 a
Cowl vent drain hoses, pair short64-66$29.95
Cowl vent drain hoses, pair long61-63$29.95
vent window top rubber tips pair64-6619.95
vent window top rubber tips pair58-6014.50
Weatherstrip, door, new per pair6360.00
Weatherstrip, qtr. window upright, new pair61-63$25.00
door handle gaskets outside, new64-667.95
vent window top rubber tips pair61-6316.95
Generator splash shield rubber new6119c1az 10170 b
Quarter Post Seal, pair64-6615.4c4sz 6328306/7-a
Weatherstrip, roof rail, HT new pr64-6679c4sz-6351222-pr
Weatherstrip, cowl vent61-669.9516740
grommet firewall new58-609.95580fwg
Seal Cowl to hood New60 6612.95C0AZ 16740 A
Seal rad support to hood new64 665.9516238
Dust strip, rear bumper to trunk w/clips64-6628.95b 403c50
Fender skirt seals, pair64-66$16
Weatherstrip, door, new per pair58-6079.956320530/
cowl bumpers back of hood pair58 - 60 7.95358939 - s
hood bumpers side of hood new ea.61-662.50
Weatherstrip, door, new per pair64-6679.95C4Sz 6320530/1-a
Weatherstrip, Trunk, HT64-69$19.95
wiper blade refils trico style67-6910.00
windshield weatherstrip58-6090B03110 a
vent window frame seal, pr new64-6669.9522380pr
dust flap on rear body to bumper58-6015
Top Arm Padsl, conv. like new pair - ford64-6650
vent wiindow seal, all around new64-6635
door bumper with wire clip58-602.5
gas door bumper & lic 61-6361-632
gas door bumper & lic 64-6664-662
mounting pads front fender ornament 60 (pr)6012.95
Weatherstrip, windshield, new HT61-6374.95
Trunk rear dust seal, CONV64 - 66129.9540334
headlamp door seal58 - 609.95
steering column boot new61-6429.95b3513
hood bumpers side of hood new each58-60.75
Weatherstrip, vent wndw, back edge,pr64-6616b 21450 c
alternator splash shield, 63639.9510274 b
vent window frame seal, pr new61-6379.9522380pr
Weatherstrip, vent wndw, back edge,pr61-63$16
trunk weatherstrip set 1960 conv58-6080
Trunk drain hose67-7159.95b 424a62