DescriptionYearPricePart #
Key blank trunk & glove box 58-6458-643
Lock cylinder, ignition, 58-6058-60$10.00
Lock set58-60$19.95
Lock set, 3 pc.61-63$49.95
Moulding, Front fender peak, LH67-69$20.00
Ornament, fender top, '58 (each)58$50.00
Script '7272$15.00
Bezel, heater control on console (chromed)61-63$40.00
Bezel, tail lite, alum RH end 67 silver1967$28.00
Bezel, tail lite, alum RH end 68 black1968$28.00
Bumper Guards, used 66$50.00
Emblem, Back up lamp '66, good used66$50.00
Emblem, center tail lens B/U NOS66$95.00
Emblem, grill, used6770
Hood Scoop Grill, used61-63$25.00
Landau bars, used, pair65$80.00
Bezel, tail light lens, heavy chrome, used61$25.00
Lite Plate Faues 62$10.00
Mirror assy, remote, good used63$75.00
Moulding, Center Sides Consoel, Used61-63$30.00
Moulding above headlight RH, used61-63$40.00
Moulding rear body peak, used61-63$50.00
Moulding, end cap, windshield header conv.58-60$40.00
Moulding, inside by qtr. window, rechr., pair58-59$40.00
Moulding, inside w/shield post upright, rechrome, pair58-60$80.00
Roof belt Mouldings RH, used64$40.00
Spanner rings, wiper stem, chromeall$4.00
Tail light door, Left NOS69$45.00
Mirror, outside, repro universal NEW61-66$35.00
Ornament, door '63 LH63$15.95
Seat hinge covers, used--each58-60$10.00
Script, 58-59, 61-6258-62$25.95
Trim ring, Inside tail lite lens NOS63$24.95
Cover, trunk lock emblem, HT. NOS61-63$50.00
Emblem, roof used w/insert61-63$20.00
Door handle inside new each58-6324.95
Emblem insert, trunk new61-63$19.9542514
Emblem, roadster NOS each62-64$30.00
Mirror, day/night (twist type) excell. used64-66$40.00
Ornament, tail light, used ea.64$20.00
Antenna bezel, power NOS72$15.00
Emblem insert, roof61-63$19.95
Emblem rear bumper center65$45.00
Emblems on frnt fender, fair used pair60$50.00
Emblem, front panal60$34.95
Emblem, Headlight cover, black good cond.68$25.00
Gasket, mirror64-66$6.00
Grill emblem insert plastic parts 19661966

Grill emblem, top NOS Lincoln Cont.1970-72$45.00
Grommet, gas pedal linkage through firewall, used
Hood emblem, used (no plastic)61-63$25.00
hood letter, used each64$4.00
Letter, Thunderbird nose ea.72-76$4.00
Lock, glove box61-63$25.00
Lockset partial58-60$15.00B2A-7022050-B
Moulding, Qtr. peak, new pair67-7135b 29078/9 r
Ornament, front fender, used, complete60$25.00
Ornament, roof side, 1960 (each)60$39.95
Ornament, roof side, 19831983$9.00E3SZ-63517A56-A
Rear seat bird emblems58-60$8.00
Retainer, bezel roof/trunk emblem 55-56$14.00
Seat Hinge Cover, used63$20.00
Speedometer gears on cableall$2.00
Spotlight mount, LH, poor used cond.58-60$25.00
Emblems on front fender6050/pr
Emblem, roof, used with insert61-6320
Antenna base & cable assy w/cover61-6320
moulding corner rear of f. fender top73-765
Bezels, windshield wiper , good used64-6510 per pair
Handle, hood cable, used58-6015
Antenna, complete new64-6654.9518813 e
Antenna, complete new61-6359.9518813
Antenna, complete new58-6055.95b8s 18813 c
Antenna mast, new61-6619.95c1sz 18a886a
Side moulding trim blocks poor used62

Door Handle w /button, rechrome RH64-6685
Door Handle w /button, rechrome LH64-6685
emblem, roof side new, each85-8816e5sz-63517a56-b
Emblem, grill chrome, used198312
Emblem, door panel , chrome used19833
Mouldings above headlights on hood, good used--pair61-6380
Moulding, rear qtr. peak, good used, pair61-6360
Headlamp door, fair used LH64-6545
Trim ring, tail lite lens, new629
Emblem, Reflector, qtr LH, used nice6835
Emblem, lock assy trunk, used fair58-5985
emblem, qtr spear, used fair ea.618
emblem, door decent used ea5810
Emblem with reflector, RH qtr panel NOS6840C8SZ 13380 A
Hood emblem, used w/insert61-63$45.00
emblem, turbo-coupe, trunk new84-8820e4sz 6342528 a
emblem, Thunderbird trunk new87 & up20e7sz 6342528 a
bezel & lens gen lite, used58-5918
Ornament, grill NOS blue insert77-8285
plate on f. bumper up corner lh NOS68 6915c8sz 17b984 a
park lamp door, NOS6950c9sz 13210 a
antenna bezel, power, nos70-7113d1sz 18919 a
Emblem rear bumper center64$45.00
Cover assy trunk Lock, repro.64$39.95c4sz-6343603a
emblem, hubcap center red, NEW ea.6619.95b1141c
door light chrome door w/lenses63-6429.9513786
Script, 63 qtr. & 64 front fender new63-6429.9525622
backup lens door, new64-652115513
Emblem bird nose 9123
Script, door 1960 new each60$39.00c5sz-6325622 a
Emblem insert, hood, new61-6324.95b16607b
shift indicator housing, new64-6624.957 a 213
lens & Emblem, center tail lens B/U NOS cracked a bit66120
visor bracket and arm pair new64-6629.95
hubcap for turbine wheel nos77-7927d7sz 1130 d
mirror inside repro new61-6339.95
Emblem nose (hood) NOS
Script, door 1960 new each60$39.00c5sz-6325622 a
Script, door 1960 NOS6055c5sz-6325622 a
handle, signal lever NOS lg. thd.61-6340
Script, 65-67 new65-67$30.00c5sz-6325622 a
emblem nameplate nNOS89 - 20e9sz 13b492 a
Emblem bird nose TC NOS87 8835
mirror RH new repro64 - 66160
wiper blades67 - 6912.9560-1616
Emblem nose (hood) NOS green insert77-7990
hubcap turbine with small center NOS7565d5sza 1130 da
Cover assy trunk Lock, repro.65-66$39.95c5sz-6343603a
sunroof handle cup inside, new plastic6069.95
Emblem headlamp door, 81 NOS198145E1SZ 13A186 A
door edge guard kit NOS80-8245E0SZ 6620910 A
ornament door panel silver pr NOS77-7930d7sz 6020802 a
mirror LH new repro64 - 66180
cyl & keys trunk lock 6429.95
cover, trunk lock new with springs60

Hood letter set, new6434.95c4sz 16606 ak
Ornament, front fender, new complete6052.2516178
ornament, front fender C and feathers LH658516229 a
ornament, front fender C and feathers RH658516228 a
roof emblem new6639.95
Door handle inside new pair64-66$40
handle signal lever new black knob5815
Bird emblem for mirror new64-6615
Emblem nose (hood) used77-7960
horn ring58-60139.95
mirror inside new twist type64-6642.517700 D
handle, hood cable new58-601616916r
trunk lock and emblem assy new58-5911543501ak
stanchion set sunroof windbar set/360150
cup, sunroof handle6060
moulding body side front fender new61 62 64 6630
handle, signal lever new62-6615
trunk lock emblem assy 1960 new6099.9543501 bk
gas door, chrome new 61-638040560
retainer kit door panel64-6650237a24
hood scoop V trim new6669.95
Grab Bar roadster, NEW Kit62-63285
Grab Bar roadster, NEW Kit62-63285
front fender mldg peak New Pair67 - 69 50
Script nameplate 63 6430
Script nameplate 63 6430
Eyebrow headlight moulding RH66608242
Eyebrow headlight moulding LH66608243
Hood letter set, new6434.95c4sz 16606 ak