DescriptionYearPricePart #
Visor, used white needs dying, hardtop61-63$25.00
Visor, used white needs dying, hardtop (flaw)58-60$20.00
Ball Joint, upper New63-66$59.00
Bushing, shift tube lower, each64-6612.957347 a
Power steering valve kit, ball stud58-6627.95C2AZ-3A533-A
Seal, P/S pump58-65762230 napa
470954 carquest
Shaft kit, upper control arm61-66$58.95
Shims, lower control arm to frame61-67$1.00
Tie rod end outer, LH new 61-66$50.00
Ball Joint, lower left NEW61-66$52.00
Ball Joint, lower NEW, per pair61-66$100.00
Ball joint, lower NOS58-60$69.95
Ball joint, upper NOS58-60$30.00
Ball joints, upper New have one61-62$59.95
Ball Joints, upper NEW, per pair61-62$110.00
Bracket, sway bar to frame, front,used ea.58-60$10.00
Bushing Kit, Strut62-66$18.753 a 187
Bushing, front sway bar to frame, pair58-60$12.50
Bushing, lower control arm inner, each61-6623
Bushing, lower control arm, ea58-60$14.60
Bushing, rear spring shackle, long63-66$1.80
Bushing, rear spring shackle, short58-66$1.80
Bushing, rear strut67-

Pads, antisqueek for leaf springs, each61-66$1.65
Bracket, idler arm, '63, NEW63$40.00
Bumper, A-frame lower new ea.58-60$9.95
Bumper, A-frame upper new58-60$6.35
Bumper, spring to frame, 1966 (ea.)1966$6.50
Bumpers, rear spring front area (pr)58-60$5.00
Bushing, steering shaft brg. upper61-669.00
Bushings, upper shock absorber top62-6612
Coupler, steering col shaft good used65$30.00
Coupler, steering shaft to gearbox64$25.00
Grease fitting kit, upper control arm

Lower A frame pivot bolt (ea)58-60$5.00
Lower A-frame pivot bolt58-60$5.00
Nut & lock, front axle bearing
Seal kit, steering ram58-60$19.953764
Seal kit, steering valve seals only58-60$19.50B9AZ 3A650-A
Seal, front wheel58-62$3.50
Seal, front wheel63-67$7.00
Seal, lower sector pitman58-60$9.00C70Z-3591 A
SKF 11081
Seal, P/S pump65 & up76765 napa
Seal, rear axle pinion63-66$7.25
Shims, A-frame each58-602
Sleeve, steering bearing new each61-6412.95b 3518 b
Stabilizer link set, both sides61-6712
Valve kit, ball stud power steering58-60$27.95
Washer, control shaft end58-60$1.00
Bushing kit, lower control arm NOS (each)58-60$69.95
Idler arm & bracket assy, good used61-62$90.00
Idler arm assy.65-66$93.50
Insulator, coil spring, set new58- 66$12.955415
Insulator, steering sector to frame, used, ea.63-6625
Pitman arm assy, good used65-66$45.00
Pitman Arm, good used64$15.00
Shaft kit, upper control arm NOS61-66$95.00
Shaft, upper control arm58-60$25.00
Shim, lower control arm to frame61-66$1.00
Tie rod adjuster sleeve, rt or l58-66$9.50
Tie rod end, inner right or left, NEW61-64$55.00
Tie rod end, outer, RH new61-66$50.00
Tie rod end, outer, right or left, NEW61-66$50.00
Brake booster, NOS, exchange price1965 or 67$200.00
Fender skirts, cleaned58-60$250.00
Grill Emblem, 1966 excellent1966$125.00
Heater box, recond. for show58-60$75.00
hub cap (spinner), USED (each)65$75.00
Hub cap, excellent used (white spinner) ea.66$100.00
Hub cap, NOS 65 Spl. Landau (emberglo) only one65$150.00
Moulding, lower grill 1966, long stainless steel1966$45.00
Radiator expansion tank, NOS 58-6058-60$400.00
Radiator expension tank, recond. 430 engine59-60$300.00
Starter, rebuilt58-64$50.00
Starter, rebuilt65-$50.00
Seal lower P/S sector pitman61-64812360
Filter element, Power steering--each58-6424B7A-33538-B
Nose emblem, Lincoln MK III , NOS197060
Bushing, stabilizer bar, new
bar to frame--pair
Booster, power brake, rebuilt (exch)61-63125
Booster, power brake, rebuilt (exch)64125
Insulator for shift lever to collar58-662.57246 A
Headliner, white perf.61-6339
Bushing, Idler arm, newlate 62-63 (from 3-15-62)24.95
Bearing, upper steering shaft58-664
Bushing, upper shock on plate, ea64-6612c4sz-18a085a
Glove Box liner, new58-6012.95b8s 6306010 a
Reservoir, P/steer, rstord, 60 6455
Fuel Sender, used, good tested58-6045
Steering shaft cone, new64-6612.95b 3c773 r
Manual, parts book set, excel.used (set)60-64150
Hub, steering wheel padded, used6730
Sill plates, new- pair64-6675c4sz 6313208/9 a
Ball joint repair kit, upper-RH61-6225
Bushing, Idler arm, new61-62 (early) (smaller one)15267-5183
Emblem, grill, good used6995
Wire Harness, conv front to back, used, rewrapped61125
Vacuum canister on firewall64-6630
Vacuum canister by battery, recond64-6645
grill chrome used8645
headlamp door LH used chrome8635
tie rod outer NOS61-6653.95
seals (2) for p/s control valve new58-6012.00
Paint, Argent spray61-7912.5F6AZ-19K207-AA
napa 7245
Bracket, sway bar to frame, front,new, pr.58-6021.50
bracket to frame, sway bar pair58-6024.95
gasket p/s pump cover w/ac new ea61-6423642b
gasket p/s pump cover new ea58-6423642a
Idler arm w/ new bushing65-66$90.00
Bushing, idler arm64-6625.95c3dz-3356-c
insulator, rear axle to spring new ea.62-668.955741
exhaust manifold metal heat shields newall24ms 95000
Steering coupler repair kit rag joint65-7510630-1008
Steering coupler repair kit rag joint76-8810630-1012
idler arm bushing NOS63-25c3sz 3356 a
wheel bearing front outer NOS63-15c3sz 1216 a
Ball Joint, upper New63-66$59.00
Tie rod end, inner right or left, NEW65-6649
bushing shift lever58 - 663.5
yoke assy for drive shaft cv joint6879c8sz 4782 a
bumper rear axle NOS68 -15c8sz 4730 a
Ball joint, upper new napa58-60$30.00
Ball joint, lower new napa58-60$69.95
window sweep NOS rh dent good rubber72 - 7630
window sweep NOS LH72 - 7650
Shift lever, new64-66$39.957210 e
Bushing, front sway bar to frame, pair61-6613
busing, strut rod one side6115rp 16150
Sleeve, steering bearing new each65-6612.95b 3518 c
Headlamp with plate LH NOS87-88

Sill plates, new- pair64-6675c4sz 6313208/9 a
bearing upper steering shaft new61-6613.53517
bushing upper control arm new each58-663068
cap, steering pump83-8810MP-4
Idler arm & bracket assy, new63169.95
Bushing lower steering col tube New58-6012.95
seal front wheel TC87 88
shock absorber hd gas front ea.58-6059
steering gearbox seal kit early61 - 64 58.953 c 538
p/s lines ram to valve steel6035
cap, control valve end, p/s58-6013b 3c705
hose steering pressure 65-6626.95b 3 a 719 b
Radiator expansion tank, reconditioned exchange61-6595
Radiator expansion tank, reconditioned exchange6695
shift tube arm lower column58-60307302
bolt, front of rear spring63-66195904
bushings, steering ram both ends58-6011
bushing upper control arm shaft EACH61-66 15
Reservoir, P/steer, w/air rstord, 6475
P/S steel line from pump to hose65-67183494