DescriptionYearPricePart #
Hood latch pin plated61-63$20.00
Nozzle, windshield washer, each64-668.5
Battery tray new61-6624.95c2sz 10764 a
Bracket, coil, with AC
Bracket, coil, without AC
Bracket, washer bag61-63$5.00
Brackets, rear bumper center, each61-63$10.00
Clamp, cowl vent hose61-66$3.00
Clamp, grommet for AC hoses on firewall61-66$2.50
Door wiring guide, replated (pair)58-60$30.00
Door wiring guide, replated (pair)61-63$25.00
Door wiring guide, replated (pair)64-66$25.00
Drain hole cover, floor
Handle assy., emergency brake recond58-60$25.00
Hinges, hood replated, pair61-66$150.00
Hood latch pin plated64-65$5.00
Hood latch pin plated66$15.00
Hood latch pins plated58-60$8.00
Hood latch set plated58-60$75.00
Hood latch set plated61-63$50.00
Hood safety catch hook on hood plated66$7.00
Latch assy., trunk58-60$15.00
Latch set, door, replated67$50.00
Linkage for cruise control, 19661966$20.00
PCV system complete, replated, 1963-6463-64$20.00
Retainer, Fuel sender, replated58-$4.00
Safety catch, hood, replated (each)58-64$10.00
Shield for trans shift linkage58-60$25.00
Spare tire "J" hook plated61-66$5.00
Spare tire wing bolt plated58-60$10.00
Spare tire wing nut plated58-60$10.00
Throttle linkage belcrank plated
Antenna plate under fender, each58-60$12.00
Bracket & bumper, 62, bellhousing to firewall, plated62$25.00
Bracket set, front brake line 4 peices58$40.00
Bracket, rear brake hose58-60$10.00
Bracket, washer bag plated
Cable, Hood latch1958-60$8.00
Clip, qtr. window garnish mldg, each58-60$2.00
Clip, rear seat bottom holdwn, each58-60$3.00
Cover, fuel sender in trunk. each58-60$8.00
Linkage, throttle bellcrank w/cruise64-44$25.00
Motor mount heat shield, used64-66$3.00
Moulding, front fender peak, left67-69$20.00
Striker lug58-63$4.00
Striker plate, door58-63$2.00
Throttle linkage belcrank61-66$10.00
Trunk lock cover. conv., fair used61-63$15.00
Battery tray new late 666632c9az 10764 a
spare tire J hook with wing nut64-6612