DescriptionYearPricePart #
Bumper on accel. pedal linkage, used61-66$4.00
Dipstick, engine oil level 26" long NOS62-66$10.00
Fuel filter element62-664.503271
Gas cap, good used, clean61-66$5.00
Hanger, exhaust above axle, per pair64-66$50.00
Pin & washer for camshaft sprocket58-$3.00
Pulley, idler, air cond. belt tightener64-66$25.00
Sediment bowl, fuel filter new63-6615.95c3az 9355 a
Spacer, AC brace to exh manifold65-66$5.00
Spacer, alternator top bolt to engine61-67$5.00
Spacer, carb, excellent used1966$25.00
Stovepipe for air cleaner NOS69$12.00
Bolt & washer, crankshaft front pulley
Cap oil filter, New65-66$55.00
Chrome dress up items
Exh hanger rubber brkt. NEW61-6619
Fitting PCV back of intake 63-65?$5.00
Grommet, PCV in valve cover66-$4.00
Mount, motor58-63$24.00napa 6021058
Oil fill cap, new chrome early type58-64$45.00
Oil fill tube, replated58-64$20.00
Pin for camshaft gear used
Cap, powr steering w/dipstick, used65-66$10.00
Radiator cap, nice used
Seals stem valve big block ford
Sender, temp NOS66$5.00
Sender, oil pressure, new64-76$20.00
Spacer, AC brace to exh man., replate65-66$5.00
Spacer, alternator mount bolt61-67$5.00
Spring, camshaft end playearly 352$5.00
Thermostat, 190 New
Throttle spring bracket on carb bolt (ea)
Throttle spring bracket on intake new61-6619.95
Throttle stop plate on bellhousing new61-6419.95
Valve heater control (replacement)58-63$28.40
Valve keepers Big block ford
Valve keeprs , 351 W

Bellows, cruise control66-67$35.00
Bolts, valve covers, chrome NOS (set of 10)58-66$20.00
Bracket assy, exh rear61-62$40.00
Bushing, kick down linkage on belcrank61-66$1.00
Choke deflector plate
Distributor hold downall$4.00
Exh. hanger set, rear64-66$40.00
Fuel bowl on pump62-66$9.05
Fuel filter assy., tri power62-63$27.00
Gasket, fuel sender
Grommet, accel. link thr fire wall64-66$4.00
Linkage rod, kickdown w/clip, each.64-66$10.00
Mount, transmission, C61966$15.95
Sensor, air cleaner vac. NOS80$2.50D7DZ-9E607-A
Stud for air cleaner on carball$2.00
Wire holder ectension spark plug wires, AC car

Radiator cap, chrome, NOSall$10.00
Brace, AC to exh. manifold, recond65-66$25.00
Brace, AC to water pump, recond64$25.00
Plate on belhousing for throttle bump stop, C-6196619.95
Cap, w/dipstick for power steering65-6610
Linkage, shift col to bracket65-66 not C615
O ring seal for gas tank fill, new64-665
Choke tube sleeve, new
Gasket, exh. pipe flat58-662
Spacer, carb, used 4296914
Motor mount spacer block-pair61-6350
Starter Drive, new58-6441.95napa 656-1091
Choke linkage swivel kit, plastic new64-7212D2AZ-9F558-A
Fluid, cruise controlall10.95
Dashpot, carb58-6615.602-4550
choke tube kit complete new63-6433
battery hold down, group 27 bat.58-6029.95
Spacer, carb, new1966$29.95
fast idle cam for choke, elbow style, newall12.95
fast idle cam for choke, strait style, newall12.95
Fuel filter on sender, 5/16
Fuel filter on sender, 3/8
speedo driven gear 16Tooth new58-677.9517271
Gasket carb to air cleaner new each58-671.759654
gasket, fuel sender, new61-661.209276
Mount, motor 66 w/c-666 w/c6$24.00napa 6021058
diaphram, secondary carb newall139503
fuel line pump to carb new steel62-6518
Carb rebuild Kit58-6631.2-5401 361D-hygrade
exhaust brackets above axle used pair64-6640
battery hold down bolts/nuts667.85
upper radiator hose NOS7432d4sz 8260 b
road draft tube elbow NOS5817b9sz 6758 a
Bracket, throttle spring on intake new64-6612.95
Radiator Hose upper new w/ltrs64-6517.5
lock ring for fuel sender new61-794.959307
retard valve cruise control NOS67-6995c7sz 2b274 a
vacuum valve 3 port NOS6816c8sz 13b064 a
heater water valve NOS70652973181 patent
clutch assy. , air cond a/c recond64-66150
plate on exh manifold for choke new58-67109a705k
upper radiator hose new61-669d4sz 8260 b
Gas cap, new non vented58-60$9b 9030 a
Gas cap, new vented61-668.95b 9030 b
Sender, oil pressure, new58-6310op 6281
speedometer cable / housing59 - 6635615-1644
hanger exhaust rear new pair61 - 6349.95
speedometer cable / housing 826635615-1646
gasket, donut exhaust 2 664f 17250 napa
spring, throttle
exhaust tips, stainless, pr.58-6049.95
Modulator, trans vacuum new FMX61-66151-3671
float, carb new58 - 67192-479 napa
choke thermostat new58 - 6619.952195
spring, Kickdown by throttle
clip on kickdown rod, adjustable58-6779857
turbo rebuild kit IHI87-88155
brake - fuel line shield set new58-6029.95
exhaust manifold RH NEW58-61295
exhaust manifold LH NEW58-60295
seals, shifter shaft FMX pairall15
O-Ring fuel fill pipe in tank61-665
fuel pump new62-up40
Modulator, trans vacuum new C-661-6620
thermostat gasket58-761
Harmonic balancer spacer sleeve58-678ms 226
rocker shaft new 39058-6732rs 621
transmission clutch plate set fmx58-6645K60ff
trans reseal kit complete fmx58-6690k-6900 f
Harmonic balancer rebuilt62-6690
Harmonic balancer repro62-6690
oil plug58-764
Harmonic balancer rebuilt62-6690
battery hold down new665.95c5az 10718 a
shift linkage bushing repair63-653
heater water valve seal 58-60186601000
gasket, donut exhaust 3 68 -up15f 17947 napa
heat riser58-61759a427a
heat riser66859a427D
heat riser66859a427D
battery hold down bolts/nuts667.85
carb kit 4300 series68 up402-5572