DescriptionYearPricePart #
Ash trays, plated58-60$15.00
Knob, vent handle58-60$4.00
Bracket set, rear armrest (4 pc)58-60$8.00
Bracket set, rear sd wndo garnish mldg (4 pc)58-59$12.00
Hinge cap on seat, large used61-63$8.00
Hinge cap on seat, small used61-63$8.00
Knob, vent, black58-60$8.00
Latch, glove box catch, good used64-66$20.00
Lock & key, ignition switch NOS58-64$12.50
Lock and latch assy, glove box, no key64-66$20.00
Lock assv. RH58-60$19.95B7A-7021984-A
Lock cyl., ignition new58-60$10.00B9A-111582-A
Lock set, door & ign, with levers & keys NOS61-64$60.00
Lockset, set of 361-64$49.95C3AZ-6222050-B
Pedal, accel, used63-64$20.00
Radio face plate, excel used63$75.00
Retainer, kick panal edge67$5.00
Shift levor, recond., used64-66$25.00
Switch, vacuum trunk rel., used66$20.00
Knob for vent, used58-608
Lock set, doors ,NOS61-6430
Lighter knob and bezel ring, used fair605
Latch and button, glove box, fair used59-6010
Cable for glove box cover, used61-634
Latch, button & bezel assy., glove box, used61-6310
Ash tray insert, recond
61-63 15
Ash tray insert, recond rear58-6015
Ash tray insert, recond front58-6015
door pull cups, pair, used, black65-6620
door pull cups, pair, used white65-6620
Ash tray insert, recond.83-8515
Ash tray receptacle, nos70-7110f0vy 5430702 a
Knob, radio white & silver new each605.5b18805c
Knob, radio white & gold new each595.5b18805b
Adapter, recliner seat handle to stud64 6618
Tip for visor, rubber new66 & up

Lock cyl., ignition new65-67$10.00