DescriptionYearPricePart #
Bolt, rad/fan shield, 1/2" head61-66$1.00
Clamp, radiator hose, original Ford logo (each)58--$5.00
Clip, windlace, each58-60$1.00
Clips, windlace
Connector, Power seat motor to gearbox (each)64-66$5.00
Grommet, gas pedal linkage, firewall, used64-66$4.50
Lever, door lock 58-6058-60$14.95
Mounting bracket, outside mirror each64-66$12.95
Washer, control arm shaft end58-60$1.00
Arm, mirror inside
61-6618.9517690 f
Battery hold down, new each61-65$4.95c5dz 10718 a
Bolt, flywheel
Bolt, shifter, adjustable64-66$4.00
Bolt, steering col. saddle64-66$1.00
Bolt, steering coupler
Bolt, trans center web, short
Bolt, trans center web, longall$10.00
Brush, horn61-63$3.00
Bumper, hood adj. (each)674.95
Cable end retainer, hood latch (ea)58-62$1.25
Cable, glove box cover, each61-66$5.00
Clamp, hood cable on latch58-60$0.75
Clamps, window switch , rear 2 dr.67-69$0.75
Clip, barrel type for emblemsall$0.75
Clip, dash chrome strip64-66$0.75
Clip, heater cable holdownall$0.75
Clip, lower grill moulding58-60$2.00
Clip, lower grill moulding61-63$4.00
Clip, moulding sport accessory61-66$1.50
Clip, moulding top of body used61-63$1.50
Clip, panel between trunk & rear window58-60$3.00
Clip, panel on back of bucket seat to seat64-66$0.50
Clip, Rocker moulding, 67-6967-69$0.75C8AB-5410182-B
Clip, wnshld moulding rear win. mldg.many years$0.50
Clips side scoop on 65 F. FNDR
Clips, A/C fiberglass box halves (ea.)58-60$0.50
Clips, brake hose
Clips, grill emblem 1966, headlamp cover emblem 6866-68$2.00
Clips, power window switchesall$0.75
Cover, windshield washer bag
Fender skirt pinsall2.5
Clips, narrow dash moulding, used each61-63$0.50
Fuel cap, vented NOSall$10.00
Gasket, door lock

Gasket, door lock cyl66-$0.50
Grommet fire wall wire harness58-603.95b 14608 ar
Grommet, heater blower housing to firewall (ea)58-60$0.75
Hold down spring, sig. lite58-60$2.00
Link, door lock58-60

Lug nutsall$1.00
Nozzle, w/washer, rubber tip64-66$3.00
Nut for tonneau wing screw NOS each
Rivet, data plate (each)all$3.00
Rivet, vent window channel upright58-60$0.50
Screw, door striker (ea)58-63$0.75
Screw, kick panel & door panel64-66$0.50
Screw, tail light lens58-59$0.75
Screw, wing for tonneau, NOS, each
Screws, B/U light lens61-63$0.50
Setscrew, mirror brkt.64-66$1.50
Spring, folding dash trim by steering col.64-66$2.00
Spring, trunk lock cover, 6060$2.00
Spring, trunk lock cover, 61-6361-633.5
Straps, wire harness, ea.
T-bolts for roof rail w/strip conv.
U-bolt, driveshaft
Wireharness hold downs cowl & fire wall64-66$0.75
Clips, Windlace58-601.00 ea.
Bolt, trans center rear servoall10
Spring, jack retainer64-665
Anti rattle clip / spacer, body mldg.61-631.5b 29144 b
Bumper, front of hood adj. new (each)654.95C4SZ-16763-A
screws, park lamp lens, used, each721
Bolts, sig switch collor in column
Bolts, fan shroud pan to rad61-661.50
Bolt, Steering coupler61 & up1.50
Screws, tail light lens, used-each1961-62.75
Stud, wheel front, disk 65-712.5
Lock washer, exh manifold bolt, newall1370383-S
Clips, narrow dash moulding, used each64-66$0.50
Bushing, door hinge, new each58-661.5c3az-5422841 a
fuel tank strap bolt kit64-66139010
wing nut for air cleaner new48-762.5
Clips trunk edge dust strip new each64-66.75
J-hook for spare tire w/ wingnut64-666
clip qtr panel script each65 -67 .703776 auveco
Pin, door hinge new each58-662
clip set body side acc mldg new61-6645
clip door panel plastic77 and up.5013470 auveco
retainer, seat belt retractor door jamb each85 and up7D9AZ 66612C00-AA
Bumper, front of hood adj. new (each)664.95b 16763 b
bolt, battery hold down on plate new ea61 - 661.95bhk 77 c
clip a/c evaporator case ea.58-60319779
trunk lock arm641243358 a
pin & bushing, shift collar repair58-6310
clamp tonneau cover to console58-668
clip set, lower grill mldg 61 6325