DescriptionYearPricePart #
Switch, headlite dimmer58-60$8.95
Housing, alternator, rear NOS65$25.00C5AZ-10334-C
Fan for alternator, recond.63-76$14.00
Pulley, alt. chrome63-$25.00
Speedometer, used 195858$50.00
Bezel, headlight switch, black used 3pcs58-59$10.00
Brush, horn64-65 ?$4.00
Dimmer Switch, new61-66$10.00ds 114
Distributor vac. unit, early 390 replacement58-66$15.00
Flasher, signal lights, newall$2.00
Knob, headlight switch, used gold59$8.00
Light, shift indicator59$5.00
Plate, plastic shift indicator59$25.00
Plate, plastic shift indicator62$20.00
Plug assy wire end, fuel sender, no low fuel used64-66$4.00
Sequencer,Signal lite , electronic 65-6865-68$99.95
Stop light switch brake58-6313sl134
Switch assy. Headlamp, w/auto dim1969$55.00D0VY-11654-C
Switch plate, neutral safety switch58-6012
Switch, 4-way flasher, 66 town car66$65.00
Switch, headlamp used65-66$30.00
Switch, headlamp, used58-60$35.00
Switch, seat 4way used61-63$45.00
Switch, signal light, used61-63$25.00
Switch, signal lights, good used6460
Wire harnes, brake lite switch to relay64$20.00
Circuit breaker, 20 or 30 ampall$4.00
Condenser, ignitionall$4.00
Points, ignitionall$12.00
Relay, RF park lamp NOS66$35.00
Relay, Seat belt light, Tung Sol #673 (used)66

Relay, signal light indicator (used)65-67$15.00c5sz 13a366 c
Relay, window safety, new61-66$56.00C1AF-14677-A
Rotor, distributorall$3.00
Sensor, temperature assorted

Switch, blower used68-71$20.00
Switch, emergency flasher dash used 66$15.00
Switch, heater blower, 1967 (used)67$15.00
Switch, ignition, 65-66 NOS65-66$12.50
Switch, power seat, NOS64--$75.00
Bezel, window switch used, each1963$20.00
Cigar lighter assembly with spl. knob72-76$25.00
Decal for window switch plate64-6614.95
Resistor, heater blower NOS1970$15.00DOSZ-18591-A
Sender, temp NOS66$6.00
Switch & wiring, windowC7SZ-1463267$35.00
Switch, door ajar, RH64 6615
Switch, power window, rear, 68 (used)68$25.00
Switch, window (set of 2)68$29.95C8SZ-14540-B
Switch, window lockout, NEW64-66$35
Switch, window rear side panel NOS1963$25.00
Switch, window, 2 wire in console New6336B14632E
Switch, window, RH, used. each 73$15.00
Temp sensor, auto temp control, LH dash top74$8.00
Thermostat, AC in grill, NOS75$8.00D50Z-19618-A
Motor, door lock New77-8855
Switch housing, windshield washer64-679.95
Switch, windshield washer, recond.64-6615
Sender, fuel w/low fuel light, new64-6695
control, vac switch A/C in dash64-6640
switch, window, recond, each6730
Switch, antenna, used7420
Switch, 6-way power seat, used68-7945
Switch, headlamp, used61-6330
Switch, dome light, new, ea58-654.113713 a
Switch, power mirror on console, used8330
Switch, neutral and b/u light (tilt col.)196740
Switch, neutral and B/u light, 197435
Sensor, cruise control, used197535
Switch, neutral safety197120D1SA-15520-AA
Switch, neutral safety , used197025D0SA-15520-C
Constant Voltage Regulator new68-7118
guage, amp-fuel, used61-6325
Switch, sig lite, used (w/cruise)197745
Switch assy. Mirror, used8545
Switch, mode control w/ac, used8530
Speedo head, used7725
Switch, headlamp, used8538
Switch set, cruise, good used7025d0az-9c888-a
Switch Unit, Power window, recond.59-6080
Switch Unit, Power window, recond.61-62100
Wire harness, p/window vent & doors6650
Switch, map light w/handle, used64-6635
Constant Voltage Regulator, CVR new61-6619.95 standard vrc604
Switch, door ajar, front doors pair6920
Switch, dome lite on latch, pair6720
Sequencer motor assy w/cam, used65-6745
Relay, High Blower, used68 w/ac25.00
Switch, signal lights, used65-66$35.00
Switch, seat, used tested (exchange)70-7165
Switch & Delay Box, wiper control75-7945
Switch, neutral and back up tilt column196945c9sa 7a247 a1
Switch, signal lights, w/cruise , used66$35.00
Switch, window rear side panel, recond64-66$20.00
Switch, emerg. brake light, used6310
Solonoid, starter, on fender, new58-7315
Solonoid, starter, on fender, new74-7915
Switch plate, neutral safety switch6320c3sa 7A217-c
Switch, headlight used, cleaned tested196445
Switch, headlight used, (conv.) recond.1958-60$45.00c6sb 11654 a
Switch, seat, recond67-7975
Switch unit ( 2 ), window, recond77-7940
guage fuel & temp used black face5840
switch, window (2) new83-8820e3sz 14529 a
contact set for cruise control in steering6640
Brush set, air cond compressor58-6549.958-107
Vacuum temp. control valve, w/ac used64-6645
blower resistor, nos6810c8sz 18591 a
switch turn signal w/cruz & tilt NOS6875c8sz 8913341 c
switch dome lite w/wires NOS7015d0sz 13713 a
switch dome lite rear door NOS6918c9sz 13713 a
regulator solid state NOS69-7055c8sz 10318 a
pump, windshield washer new orig61-6734.95b17664cr
Relay, brake light, new spade terminal65-6639.95c5sz 13482 a
w/washer pump new replacement68-7130
Constant voltage regulator new58-5939GR 508
napa IR 1
brake light switch used65 6615c5sz 13480 c
Switch dome light with wire NOS7018d0sz 13713 b
switch, antenna64-6650
Switch, window rh door recond6825
relay, brake and conv top NEW63 6449.95c3vb 14512 b
relay brake light used 3 prong65 6620
relay emergency flasher used6625
switch dome right rear on latch67 7115
Switch, neutral and back up fixed column196945c9sa 7a247 a1
switch neutral 66 W C6 trans recond. exch6645
wire and socket shift indicator64 665
relay signal light used multi wire65 6740
switch, antenna w/handle for map lite64-6665
switch fog light used87 8825
switch heat air w/auto temp NOS6950c9sz 18578 b
choke radio supres on cvr used68-714
switch dome on door post NOS broke edge676c7sz 13713 c
sw 618
switch window NOS6145c1sf 14529 a
switch window NOS6855c8sf 14529 a
thermostatic switch a/c6845c8sa 19618 a
switch, neutral safety new64-6659.95b 7a247 c
Switch, headlamp, NOS77-7975
switch kit, power seat61 - 6525615 PSK
relay, brake light new w/pigtail65-6649.95A4-9A
b 13482 b
horn relay new64-7129.95
dome light switch with pigtail NOS7119d1sb 13a764 ba
thermostatic switch for a/c on unit61-6335
switch, temperature control NOS7275d2sz 19986 a
Switch headlamp new 6449.95sw438-b
Switch, window, 3 wire in console New6335.95B14632D
switch turn signal NO cruz or tilt NOS6895c8sz 13341 A
Switch, signal lights NOS 7275d2sa 13341 b
Switch, signal lights NOS 7675d6sa 13341 b
switch, door latch ajar new LF ?6725c7sz 13713 f
sw 692
Switch, signal lights NOS 7375d3sz 13341 a
switch signal lights NOS no tilt70 7175d0sz 13341 c
wire harness LR window NEW58-60

wire harness RR window NEW58-60

bolt hold down battery 66 new each661.5
regulator voltage solid state63 & up49.95VR 440 napa
switch window new59 6035.95
switch window new 3 wire64 6635.95
switch window new 2 wire64 6635.95
Switch, headlight new replacement196469.95
switch signal lights fixed column6975c9sz 13341 A
motor window right rear new64-66149.9514553G
motor window left rear new64-66149.9514553H
Switch headlamp new 65-6659.9511654
motor window left door new64-66149.9514553F
motor window right door new64-66149.9514553E
headlamp door vac switch repl.67956JJ43
blower resistor, new65-6710b 18591
distributor, rebuilt (no core)6575
Constant voltage regulator solid state61-6639
antenna switch used 727225
speaker switch fader used 727225
resistor, ignition58-6023icr13
bearing, generator, brush end58-6217200-cc federal mogul
headlamp door vac switch repl.67956JJ43
switch emergency flasher in roof console6640
Flasher, 4 way , new64-66$2.00
Clock, rebuilt by Clockworks61-63125.00
relay, emergency flasher replacement6675
flasher, electronic 69-7169-7138D0wy-13350-ar
plug and wire, brake lite switch new58-6419.952140
Plate, plastic shift indicator NEW6049.95