Upper Back Panel Motor---Flip Lid Motor

brand new "Super Motor"



A brand new motor that replaces the weak, worn out, burned out old factory flip lid motors on all Thunderbird and Lincoln Convertibles. This is a 1/2 HP motor and is strong enough to operate any flip lid. The power is right, the speed is right and the fit is right. It will replace both the 3 wire and the 4 wire original motors.

This new motor is a 2 wire configuration so there is a small relay pack that goes with it to reverse the polarity of the motor for up and down operation. It comes with everything needed to install it. You connect the 2 wires for the motor right to the stock wires up on the deck lid. The relay pack gets mounted in the trunk area behind the rear seat and gets connected into the stock wiring from the relays. If you have the new relay conversion it connects right into the terminal block of the relay bank.

The only modification that is needed is to the two little holes on the flip lid gearbox where the motor studs go. The holes need to be widened a fraction of an inch with a file or such as the studs on the new motor are just a bit farther apart than the original. The motor has studs and nuts on it and also a new little coupler from the motor to the gearbox shaft. Most of the time these are pretty old and the rubber on them is getting rotten and brittle.

Movie of flip lid operation with new "Super Motor".............. click here

Price of this conversion is $350.00


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