Disc Brake Conversion

Front for 1958 thru 1964


The stock 14" wheels cannot be used with this kit. Stock Kelsey Hayes wire wheels will not fit
However the aftermarket Roadster wire wheels will work but you must let me know you are going to use them so that I can turn down the center hub on the rotors to fit the center of the wheel.
This will require a $40.00 extra charge.

(photo is of a 1962 spindle installation, all others are very similiar)

This conversion includes everything you see in the photo EXCEPT the spindle and nut. (I have provided these in the photo to show you what it will look like on your car.)
You use your stock spindle and suspension. Remove everything except for the spindle and the rest is provided. With this conversion you do not have to disturb any of your suspension nor steering. You cannot however use your stock 14" wheels. There are numerous 14" wheels that will work. You will have to look at the offset to determine if they will interfere with the caliper. However some that will fit are late 70's 14" such as torino and ranchero. The rotor is an 11" rotor so that it will provide plenty of braking power for these heavy cars.

This is what the assembled unit looks like from the backside. Once again the only thing you do not get is the spindle.

Above is a picture of what you all get. You will notice on the bottom there is also an adjustable proportioning valve which you need (an extra $40.00) when you have disc in front and drum in the rear.

Below is a listing of all the parts included in the kit

caliper bracket lh 1
caliper bracket rh 1
spindle bracket 2
bearing spacer 2
3/8 x 1.5 gr. 8 HHB 2
3/8 x 2 gr 8 HHB 6
3/8 Hex nuts 2
3/8 lock washer 8
1/2 x 3 GR 8 HHB 2
1/2 Hex nut 2
1/2 lock washer 2
Brake Rotor 2
grease seal 2
inner bearing 2
outer bearing 2
dust cap 2
LH caliper 1
RH caliper 1
caliper bolt 4
brake pads 1
brake hose 2
banjo bolt 2
Adjustable prop. valve (extra $40.00)

Price for this conversion kit is $595.00 plus shipping and handling.


Some information on getting wheels that will work with this kit

The 14” rims were not too hard to find at a wrecking yard that has been in business at least since the 1970’s era. The key point in finding the rims are:

14” rim size
5 ½ “ wide
Bolt pattern 5 on 4 ½”
Center hole 2 ¾” to keep the hub a perfect fit over the rotor (Hub-Centric)
And the key identifier of the rim is the ‘pinch’ marks in the rim surface. See picture:

I also have a conversion for Rear Disk Brakes also and that kit is $595.00

I do not sell the parts seperately as I want to know that you have everything you need to do a proper installation and not have to hunt around to try and find this or that. I have also assembled this completely on the pictured spindle so I know how it goes together so if you have a problem I can talk from experience when answering your questions.

To order just send me an email