Temple Christian School

Lima, OH

builds '59 Thunderbird for annual Choral Review

parts provided by: Thunderbird Ranch

photos by: Mrs. Nan Schey


The cast and crew of "School Daz" & the Car!

Attaching styrofoam to framework

Fitting and attaching trim

The basic shaping is done, now comes drywall mud

She's gotta have tires

Headlights (taplights) get installed

The cast of "Fun, Fun, Fun"

I really have to give this group a lot of credit. They accomplished all this in one month's time and only a picture of a Thunderbird to go on.

The reason for the Thunderibird was Nancy's love for the '59 bird.

The left side of the car that you see here was signed by her students and then hung on the wall in her classroom.

Congratulations to all you folks from the Thunderbird Ranch.

I am proud to have been able to be a part of this.