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I am a distributor for "Shop Manuals On CD-ROM" put out by Detroit Iron.

I have now reviewed two different volumes, a 1961 and a 1972. They are actually a complete Ford Thunderbird Shop Manual that has been scanned in and put on CD-ROM. It is indexed by section and page. The CD has its own program to view the manual. One feature I really liked was the ability to zoom in on sections of a page to get a blown up view. This is great for some of the diagrams. There is also a few goodies on each CD. There is a listing of vendors of all kinds----yours truly was not there---this will change. There is a listing of clubs, a page of news, sports etc. trivia from the same year as the manual covers and a short history page where, on the 1961 manual I found the listing of all the options and the original pricing of those options.

Electrical and Vacuum diagrams are included for all the years that Ford had them available. That means that the vacuum diagrams are only on the 1967 and up volumes.

I think one of the best features of these cd's is that they also include the ford parts illustrations and text or what is referred to as the Blue Bible. The 49-59 parts books will be on the shop manual cd for each of these years. The 60 thru 64 parts books the same way and likewise the 65 thru 72 books

I found this product to be a good value. It contains all the needed information in a format that cannot get dirty in the shop or trashed with grease and dirt. You can print any page or section to take to the workshop, trash that copy and then print new stuff when you work on the next section. Unlike their paper counterparts these manuals won’t come apart at the binding either. They are PC compatible for windows 95 or later. (I used Virtual PC on my Mac and it worked great.) All years from 1955 through 1979 are available.

Price is $54.95 plus postage & handling of $5.00.

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