1967 Thunderbird Ash Tray Runner Replacement

from Thunderbird Ranch


In the 1967 Thunderbird with console, the ash tray cover slides on some plastic runners. In almost every instance these tend to break and the cover does not slide anymore. It will bind up and sometimes just fall into the console. There are no replacements and to find a holder with good runners is nearly impossible.

Mike Bielick, one of the subscribers on my newsletter has come up with an excellent fix for this. He has taken the time to document it in text and photos for me to share with you here. I thank him.


This is what I did to make left and right runners:
  Using a ultra fine sharpie I traced the outline of the nylon runner on the side of the body.  Next I traced that outline on a piece of stiff clear plastic. I cut the plastic to size except I left the center big for strength. Using the plastic template I traced it onto a piece of .200 phenolic. I cut it to size with a band saw. Stick the phenolic to the body with double sided tape. Sand them down a little at a time making sure that the cover fits even side to side and runs smooth. At this point I screwed it in the car to check fit in the console. Play with it untill you get the fit you want. (I was happy with mine at this point). Using the ultra fine sharpie mark the rivit holes on the back side. Make sure the marks are in the center of your phenolic. I left the center one out. I felt it wasn't needed in the skinny area. Remove the runners and drill them. I used a #40 drill, I also countersunk them at this time. After I was happy with the everything fit, I cleaaned the rust from the body, primed and painted it. Rivit the runners to the body. I used 3/32 solid aluminum rivit, you can use a pop rivit if you want. Put the cover on and check it for smooth operation and that its centered lrft and right again. If your happy at this point mount it in the car and stop looking at the big ugly hole in the console.   I also cleaned the rust, cigeratte residue from the ashtray. Primed and painted it a metal color.

Feel free to pass this info along if anyone asks. Mike Bielick